walk the lineWe want you to get home safely no matter what the occasion.

Special Features

  • Female drivers for our female clients (available on request).
  • Hire a car and driver by the hour for special events, or have one of our designated drivers drive your car (call for rates).
  • Car retrieval service now available.
  • Every attempt is made to accomodate special requests.

Our Corporate Program

When you wine and dine potential or existing customers, take your proposal to the next level by providing clients a professional designated driver and show your clients how much you value their business. Whether your company is hosting an annual Christmas party or a special event, protect yourself, your company and your employees from increased risk. Buddie’s designated drivers will work with you to customize each event to suit your company needs. Increase your organization’s integrity, and company image by demonstrating you care about the safety of its employees and their families. Corporate accounts are available for your organization. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone to find out how to have Buddie’s at your next event.

Special Events

Call Buddie’s designated drivers for your next party, or event. If you are serving adult beverages show your guests how much you care. Reserve our professional services ahead of time to ensure a driving team is available when your guests need them. Our services help to reduce your liability as a host and ensure your guests receive a safe ride home after the fun ends. You can reserve our services in one of the following ways:

  • You can make an individual reservation with us and we can supply you with business materials to ensure your guests can call us when they need us (approximately 30 min before they want to leave).
  • You can reserve multiple rides for your event at a reduced flat rate for our services.
  • Organizers can schedule to have drivers on standby at the event.

The following information will be needed when making your reservations:

  • Date/time and location of the event
  • Number of drivers required
  • Duration
  • Whether a representative of Buddie’s would be required on site

Licensed Establishments

Your customers will be able to utilize Buddie’s designated driving services to get home safely from your establishment. The benefits to you are:

  • A reputation for integrity in the community by helping to reduce drinking and driving in the community by providing them with a unique opportunity to get both them and their vehicle home safely with a fully licensed, insured company that cares about you and your customers.
  • Reduced risk for clients and your business, as you are making a reasonable effort to get patrons home safely.
  • Potential for increased revenue as you have provided an alternative way for customers to get home safely, decreasing the likelyhood of a DUI which will result in customers having the ability to visit your establishment again.

Together we can decrease the number of impaired driving accidents and DUI arrests and the impact on our community while reducing your risk at the same time.

For the Medically Impaired

Have you ever had a medical or dental procedure where you have been sedated? Often it is difficult to find someone to take you and wait while you have your procedure done, or the expense of a cab both directions is out of reach or inconvenient. We have designed services around the needs of our clients. You can hire Buddie’s to pick you up after sedation to get both you and your vehicle home safe. You can also schedule your own private driver to transport you to medical appointments